Do You See The Same Truth?

Artist Statement

If the universe transcends human beings, what does it mean for us to reflect on perceptual experiences? Do You See the Same Truth? is an examination of nature’s factual reality imbued with emotional narrative interpretation. The series is about our relationship with the natural world around us: how we perceive it, how we live in it, and how we relate to it.

The images capture how the natural world envelops the viewer in a serene and dreamlike atmosphere. They convey a return to nature, where the landscape escapes the social reality, and generates emotions that infuse the mind and body alike. The landscape becomes a gateway to an untouched Earth; wild and sublime. These landscapes speak equally of a sense of vitality and disappearance.

The images carry pale signs of human activity highlighting the resilient power of nature. Through a temporal association with cities surrounded by wild nature, the images in this series unfold a detachment from reality and share a sense of connection through poetic thoughts and rich sensory experiences of the enduring beauty and simplicity of nature. •