Exploring how digital photography has the power to change our perspective

This series of captivating aerial portraits depicts life on Earth and the cosmic connections that shape our existence. To see the impact we’ll have on our future generations requires us to stretch our horizons to understand our place in the Universe.

Using just an iPhone and a range of tools in Photoshop, this series captures breathtaking views of oceans, rivers, cities, mountains, and the sun’s majestic transitions as seen through various airplane window perspectives. In this interplay, the airplane window becomes a symbol, echoing the profound impact that a shift in viewpoint can have on our collective consciousness.

Each portrait uniquely captures Earth, revealing its simplicity or intricacy, its vulnerability or resilience, its fleeting nature or enduring presence. This poetic approach invites us to reflect on Earth and our humanity, not as something separate from the Universe, but interconnected across time and space.

I started taking pictures of Earth from my window seat during long flights. The breathtaking views from my airplane window left me in complete awe and reminded me of the Overview Effect – a profound shift in awareness that astronauts experience when viewing Earth from space.

Although I did not venture into space, from that vantage point, I felt that my horizons were expanding. It got me thinking about what I could do to make a difference in the world. As I started snapping pictures with my phone, I realized it’s all about sharing a different perspective with others and inspiring them to make a difference too.


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