Dor is an essential concept of the Romanian nature of spirit. The entire Romanian culture’s meaning belongs to the existence of spirituality, dor being one of those words that holds distinct meanings. Dor produces feelings of an unseen self-consciousness, as one would experience a sacred event. Dor is the count of everything that cannot be expressed and the illusion of a world that creates links between the concrete and transcendent.

Dor reflects upon the human need of belonging. In the context of home we experience delight and anguish. Is it home a simulated experience of happiness and comfort? As I am finding myself existing in different homes that carry the expression of the world, my personal experiences in these atemporal spaces preserve the meaning of habits, perception and culture.

My perception of home holds wistful memories, the comfort of real meals and intimate conversations. With Dor, I am not documenting reality, but through distance and detachment, I am creating and re-creating memories that convey a search for connection. Each meal is a dialogue and each portrait is an expressive state of mind. In my home, food is a wistful symbol of time and longed for comfort. Ultimately, Dor reveals through illusion and belonging, a sense of identity.