Experiences from the Outside World offers an innovative depiction of digital based still-life photography that reveals the experience of nature and culture. Through investigating aesthetics, literal and symbolic meanings, and associated dimensions of nature and culture, this project expands the possibilities of photography by its intersection with film, sound, and technology, in order to explore the natural and cultural environment from a wider spectrum.

By incorporating snippets of real-time motion into a static photograph, the living stills resulted re-imagine still-life photography and new media for the future. The process is reconfiguring the photographic object to its capacity to open up and create a new approach to digital reality. The project explores photography’s static character using technology to reveal a multisensory experience that will challenge and amplify the way we see, hear, and remember images. The oppositions of all these elements transform photography from a static art form into a vehicle that collects and stores the acoustic and motion characteristics of the natural space and its connection to our visual sense.

Each of these six living stills offers a different combination of motion elements to highlight a sense of immersion in the photographic image, together with a soundscape recorded and designed in Savannah. The soundscape’s goal is to give to the viewer a sense of a living environment through an ethereal, naturalistic acoustic.

This project was funded through the Alumni Atelier Program for Alumni Development from the Savannah College of Art and Design.