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Beautifully designed as a coffee-table book, and with an excessive attention to details, Florilegium covers original voices in the contemporary visual culture.

Introducing Volume Two

The latest volume of Florilegium focuses on the relationship between the authenticity and aura of
analog and digital-based works, of original art objects versus their copies, and how the
culture of image making has developed new artistic practices today.


Florilegium seeks to cultivate a new way of understanding the experience of reading, and gives to the contemporary design a new democratic art form.

The cover of the second volume features a lumen print on fiber-based paper exposed in Atlanta.

Florilegium‘s first volume was featured in Communication Arts (USA) and Uppercase Magazine (Canada).

A revitalization of traditional art forms incorporatedinto contemporary contexts, issues, and practices.

In an age where the constant flux of images distracts our attention, there are artists who incorporate the history of the arts into their artistic processes. These artists offer a new dimension to the contemporary art medium through stimulating practices and creativity. From rapid to slow creative processes, these digital age artists revise history in order to represent more than just one moment in time, but instead, a works of art that are evolving with and in the world. By looking at the authentic and reproductive qualities of art, Florilegium‘s Volume Two puts into perspective and historical context the aesthetics and practices of visual art. A work of art’s perception is affected by its context: If it is framed on a museum wall or printed in a book or magazine, we contemplate the original piece versus the copy.

Florilegium is an independent, advertising-free annual journal that takes a look at new trends and talent in contemporary art and their cultural context through visual content and short and long-form writing.


Amy Friend (CA), Claire Rosen (USA), David Shannon-Lier (USA), Emma Elaine (USA), Katelyn Betts (USA), Lola Rose Thompson (USA), Nicole Dabbs (USA), Monica Kass Rogers (USA), Oana Piscureanu (RO).

In this volume, we discuss the current attitudes toward art forgery and challenge Walter Benjamin’s emphasis on the uniqueness of the original art object. We spend time to explore the nature of food and the comfort and nostalgia it brings with it, and contemplate the universal themes of dreams and fairy tales by exploring the relationship between what is visible and invisible, and the fragility of the photographic object.

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Founder &

Gabriela Iancu

Senior Copy Editor
Nicole Dabbs

Junior Copy Editor
Katelyn Betts


Are you looking forward to discovering inspired content from Florilegium in a library? Look no further because you can find Florilegium in the Artist Collection of the ACA Library in Atlanta (USA), the Jen Library in Savannah (USA), and in the Czech Republic at the National Library in Prague, the Moravian Library in Brno, and the Research Library in Olomuc.


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