A photographic exploration and interpretation through living stills, Futura relays the experience of being immersed in the geometries, light, and reflections of Atlanta’s urban landscape. By incorporating snippets of real-time motion into static photography, the resulting images deliver a mid-century modern aesthetics seen through a contemporary lens.

The living stills focus on a series of enigmatic, geometric resin objects that create diverse degrees of reflections, color refraction, light and shadow through the use of industrial materials such as brass, copper and aluminum and the Brasscloth wallpaper collection of Brooklyn interior design brand Calico.

The project is an investigation into the manipulation of light, featuring a lamp design by Christian Dunbar to reveal the sheen of metal on the highly-textured surface of the wallpaper designed by Calico. By using cast resin shapes to diffuse light and to enhance the immersive qualities of the living stills, the project stimulates sight and aims to capture new ways of examining the subtle interaction of design with fine art.

Wallpaper featured: Pyrite, Jade, and Cobalt by Calico.

This project was funded through the Alumni Atelier Program for Alumni Development from the Savannah College of Art and Design.