An archetype is a classical representation of an idea deeply embedded within a culture. By photographically exploring archetypes of food, particularly those that embody the fundamental characteristics of substance from the natural world, I create relationships of similarity and differences.

Life from Light examines the forms of food that possess a primordial kind of reality connecting with the land and mankind. Through photography, I am investigating collective ideas about food; in this process, the understanding and identity of these foods gets deconstructed and abstracted. Food becomes the substance that carries singular and plural representations of itself, and defines all living beings.

Through photographs of abstracted forms, these structural archetypes of food release a symbolic resonance. Here, the photographic image provides a contemporary window into the ancestral perception of the world, and connects the viewer to the experience of being alive on Earth.

The series questions and redefines the relationships of organic form that food generates. It explores matter and energy through form, textures and patterns speaking to a primal past and an unknown future.

“Life from Light” has been on view from May 20th thru June 5th 2015, at the Trois Gallery in Atlanta, GA.