Maggi by Nestle

Moody or vibrant backdrops combined with striking food details, appeal to our senses and add a unique take to fast food made at home.

I teamed up with Grep Design and Nestlé Czech Republic to create a series of mouth-watering food photographs, and integrate the homemade look for the packaging of a new line of products by Maggi, an international brand of seasonings and instant meals.

The handcrafted approach helps increase the convenient aspect of instant food. These classic meals give fast food a good image and become a standby for those days when you just don’t have time to cook. These food photographs tap into visual pleasure with their satisfying imperfections of the rustic look, making the consumer hungry. By infusing into these scenes a real sense of place through home’s fresh and natural look, the images act as a way to gather together. The new packaging aims thus to make fast food look like an authentic home-cooked meal.


Maggi by Nestlé (Czech Republic)


Food Photography
Food and Prop Styling
Food Production and Cooking


Petr Fajkos (Art Direction – Grep Design)
Marek Sabo (Creative Direction – Grep Design)