A Cosmic Perspective

This series examines the early beginnings of Earth’s formation, which occurred over 4.6 billion years ago as dust and gas mixed around the Sun. Through abstract photographs created with ferromagnetic fluid, I explore archetypes of atoms, molecular forces, and cells to provide a glimpse into the evolutionary process and geologic timescale that has shaped our planet.

From the fiery molten magma and the cosmic gravitational energies to the emergence of a primitive ocean and life’s earliest ancestor organisms, these photographs pulsate with the raw energy of creation.

However, these photographs go beyond their aesthetic appeal. They ask us to honor our unique legacy and protect the integrity of Earth’s irreplaceable ecosystems. They serve as a powerful reminder of the interconnectedness we share on Earth, our only home holding the history and future of all humankind.

This series emerged from an experiment I started in January 2020 and published in 2023. Driven by a passion for pushing the boundaries of photography, I created abstract compositions using ferromagnetic fluid. Little did I know that this experiment would evolve into a captivating fusion of photography, film, and animation, intertwining to form a symphony of interconnected worlds.

Within this artistic exploration, I envisioned a multitude of micro universes of color and shapes reminiscent of the vast cosmic space. By embracing the symbolism of a circle—a profound symbol of creation and renewal—I embarked on an imaginative journey, envisioning how Earth and life came into existence.

I strive to mirror the vastness of the universe itself with art, honoring its grandeur and intricacy. Each color or fluid motion captured becomes a testament to our evolutionary journey within this awe-inspiring cosmos.

In this convergence of art and science, I am captivated by our place within the Universe. It is a reminder to contemplate our existence and understand the extraordinary planet we have. I stand in awe, humbled by the opportunity to translate the grandeur of the universe into a visual symphony—a tribute to our shared voyage through time and space.