Visualizing Red Cap paper products through a new digital experience captured in Renaissance-style.

I was commissioned by Red Cap Cards, a thoughtfully curated greeting cards brand based in Los Angeles working with today’s top artists, illustrators, designers and animators, to create this contemporary interpretation of their paper products. The artwork rethinks the role of paper products in the digital era, and aims to create lasting engagement.

Each greeting card, gift wrap, notebook or gift bag stars in a series of unique stories to showcase the beautiful designs and quality printing. Together they bring to life the aesthetics of classical painting while appearing utterly contemporary, in colorful, dream-like and moody scenes.

Raising the bar with the unique approach of treating the products as inventive art portraits captured in a painterly quality, the exquisite photographs and cinemagraphs extend beyond the commercial sterilized aesthetic. They are visually striking and interpret the subtle manipulation of light in a chiaroscuro effect reminiscent of a Renaissance paintingsimultaneously vivid, mysterious and dark.


Red Cap Cards is one of today’s most well-respected and carefully curated art and design stationery brands.


Greeting Cards, Notebooks, Gift Wrap and Gift Bags by Red Cap Cards

Set Design, Styling, Photography, Videography & Editing by Gabriela Iancu