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Gabriela's fine art shop is a collection of essential limited edition artistic pieces for your home. Discover how creativity sparks impressions of the senses and curiosity into something lasting and significant. 

All You Need to Make Your Space, Home Sweet Home.

The artist line is a collection of enchanting handcrafted products patiently made by hand, piece by piece. The fine art prints and artist books are inspired by unique stories awaken by the emotional response to the world of the arts. With an exclusive selection to choose from, this is your one-stop shop for all things delightful that make the perfect gift or keepsake.

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A jewelry dish, photography print or artist book for every occasion: showering your best friend or family at their wedding, anniversary or birthday celebration. These unique and limited edition products are perfect for everyone on your list!

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Gabriela’s artist line is a handcrafted collection of jewelry dishes for women who value pieces that are feminine. Made in the Czech Republic, each piece is designed to be unique and distinct.