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Agencies and brands are increasingly exploring the potential of cinemagraphs within the advertising field. In 2016, Jeep’s Portrait ad, which aired at halftime of Super Bowl 50, featured the cinemagraph. Everyone from top brands like Netflix, to Gucci, Apple Music, Startbucks and Coca-Cola shared branded cinemagraphs on social media as organic content, promoted posts, and ads.

Cinemagraphs are for a fast-moving culture. They build brands and win consumer trust and loyalty. They inspire effective communication with the consumer because with only a few seconds available to capture attention on social media, the perfectly looped format provides more engagement, and ensures the brand stands out.


A unique approach to advertising, digital and social media, the cinemagraph is a hybrid of still and moving images that reveal perpetual motion. SILVA can use the cinemagraph format across their social media to highlight how their craft-quality beer is a fit for their target market, achieve gains in brand awareness, and to drive real results in their marketing.

Under the customer-focus mindset, a series of well-composed, aspirational cinemagraphs will showcase SILVA’s collection of authentic local craft-quality beers through a modern lens. The cinemagraphs will use storytelling to leverage the brand’s heritage and dedication to craft and detail.


Create a digital experience that celebrates SILVA’s heritage and the craft that goes into every beer bottle, in a way that past advertising has not done it.

The cinemagraph format is a distinctive way of capturing the unpretentious spirit of SILVA in laidback, handcrafted scenes that appeal to the typical beer consumer. Their mesmerizing effect will help deliver experiences that differentiate the brand.


Cinemagraphs play a vital role in bringing consumers deeper into the brand’s experience, and communicate brand’s essence with engaging simplicity.

VISUALS 1 & 2: Use the past to take SILVA into the future. The story sets the stage with a refreshing glass of Romanian Pale Ale sitting on a table, in a vibrant cinematic experience that heightens consumer senses. The scene suggests that modern, smart consumer will be more attracted to rich stories that emphasize the taste of the beer.

Services: Visual Storytelling (Photography, Videography, Cinemagraphs), Creative Direction, Concept Development, Experience & Exhibition Design.

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