Up by Forbes Magazine

On Photography: America Seen Through Photographs Greatly celebrates the American culture and the Savannah College of Art and Design, university’s commitment to its students, alumni, creativity and academic distinction. The cover photograph and design captures the creative spirit of SCAD, the features of Savannah, and illustrates the art of photography as a personal vision and distinct point of view.

The cover photograph examines the role of art in America, and focuses on the historic vision of independence and how photography has drawn attention, changed aesthetics and view points in the western world. The scene is reminiscent of a classical painting with its manipulation of light in a chiaroscuro effect and composition that evokes the longing for a romanticized world. The photograph thus draw us into the dynamic mix of nature and culture specific to the American South, and entices a sense of emotional participation.

Photography and design collaboration with Forbes Romania for their quarterly coffee table publication Up by Forbes. Editorial about the Savannah College of Art and Design and their emerging Alumni Atelier residency program, featuring my writing, photography and design, in a 20-page long creative story (including cover design and photography).